May 26th 2012 is fast approaching, are you ready?

Could your business cope with a £500,000 fine?

You have had a year to get ready so whats the excuse?

If you are unsure about any of these then read on or visit Friv. If you are happy everything is undercontrol the stop readng and have another cup of coffee.

OK so you are still reading then lets lay down a few facts.

The cookie regulation 6 became law. A soft launch was chosen so we could all be ready for the big day. From the 26th May 2012 every website has to make it clear if it uses cookies and if it does then to obtain your opt-in to store the cookies on your computer. Some facts on cookies can be found on other pages on this website. I strongly urge you to start reading.
This one isnt going to go away it becomes enforced law from the 26th May so if you arent prepared then maybe you should ask for some help. As a recognised and established company who have been building websites for a great many years we can help you get legal and remain legal.

Just Ask…