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Custom Slides offer a wide range of sliding wardrobe doors made to measure to your specification. Sliding wardrobe doors are the ideal doors to choose if you have limited space in your room, or where traditional hinged doors may be obstructed. They still provide you with the same accessible and limitless storage solution, but encase it in a more modern or more easily operated shell.

Unlike traditional hinged wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes have extensive versatility, and are beautifully suited to being fitted in almost any shape or size of room, without causing damage to the doors or impeding how they open. This means that you are able to access your belongings with ease, and enjoy seamless and smooth operation of your wardrobe door.

No matter what size of wardrobe you require, you can be sure that our expert team are on hand to provide you with the assistance you require. We will design and advice you on your sliding wardrobe doors, ensuring that your made to measure sliding wardrobe doors work beautifully every time.

We manufacture our sliding wardrobe doors using a range of materials and each can be finished in your choice of colors. So for a sliding door wardrobe that's perfectly suited to your requirements.

Shopping for sliding wardrobe doors can be a great fun only when you know what to purchase and how? Although you will find several leading companies around that offers an exceptional range of products and services from their space. And Custom slides is one of those. We transform as well as create sliding wardrobe doors that are unique as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Now why choose sliding wardrobe doors and not the traditional ones?

First, when you are living in a limited space and wish to broaden It in any manner. Sliding doors being slim in structure can work in the best possible manner to turn your small, dull room into a spacious and brighter one.

Second, These products are available in numerous materials and finishes ranging from wood, metal, glass to mirrors and many more. Honestly speaking, the possibilities of buying these types of wardrobe designs is endless.

Third, apart from materials, you can even choose the color scheme according to your room, be it pastel, red or black. Being a part of this progressive world, today you are not constrained to bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, and sliding doors will make your space look more clean and tidy.

Fourth, Simple Slides Wardrobes are so versatile in nature that they can fit almost in any shape and size of the room, without damaging the existing doors and construction. Which simply means that you can operate your wardrobe much easily than before.

Last, mirrored sliding wardrobe doors not only make your room seem bigger and better but even gives you an opportunity to check yourself out from head to toe right before leaving the house.

Besides all, now you can design your own Elite and minimalist wardrobe with the help of our designing tool. All you need to do is fill a few specifications regarding your wardrobe design such as the frame color, customizing your door, choosing the panel color, etc.

No matter what is the size, style or design, we ensure to offer the best team of experts at your service. In case if you are having any doubt or query, feel free to get in touch!

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